Why is Software testing important?

Automated software tests - how does it work?

Olga BińczakNov 03, 2021

The Future of The Mobile App Industry

It is important to be up-to-date and follow trends all the time.

Olga BińczakOct 22, 2021

Kanban board in the Software Development Process

Why is it worth using Kanban in software development?

Olga BińczakOct 11, 2021

How to Estimate a Software project Easily?

How to estimate a software project and make the client aware that each change costs money?

Olga BińczakSep 27, 2021

What is Supply Chain Management?

It is well known that supply chain management is an integral part of most businesses and is essential to company success and customer satisfaction.

Olga BińczakSep 20, 2021

Importance of Software Prototyping

Why do you need application prototyping?

Olga BińczakSep 14, 2021

Artificial Intelligence in Practice

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) work?

Olga BińczakSep 09, 2021

The Costs of Developing an Mobile App

Mobile application - what are the costs?

Olga BińczakSep 08, 2021

Top 6 Essential Software Development Tools

Here are some of the best software development tools according to us

Olga BińczakAug 26, 2021

What is a (PWA) and Why Is It a Good Alternative to a Native App?

What exactly is PWA and why is it gaining popularity?

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Supply Chain Risks in 2021 Trends and Forecasts

Check out our short summary of the Supply Chain Risk Insights

Olga BińczakJul 13, 2021

7 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

Developing an app is not an easy task.

Olga BińczakJun 11, 2021

Why is SCM Software essential to supply chains?

“According to the EY report, 72% of companies felt the negative effect of COVID.”

Olga BińczakMay 27, 2021

First 5-Star Review on Clutch

Codemachine Receives First 5-Star Review on Clutch.

Olga BińczakMay 19, 2021