Case study

Here are some examples of the products that we've sent out into the world.

Blockchain signature

The solution we have created is based on blockchain technology. Our client's customers can sign...

Cryptocurrency payments

To automate and speed up incoming payments, we've implemented functionality that allows accepting...

Shipment automation

Smart contract after receiving the required payment automatically sends login data to the cloud...

Smart contract

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Fleet telematics

Software flexes around your organization to help you glean insight from the different operational...

Time management for truck drivers

Time management function helps you to track your drivers working hours and makes...

Advanced operational analytics

This functionality helps you in preparing various combinations of reports. Besides it, you can...

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Market maker

To ensure proper exchange and limit manipulation and size of fluctuations on the stock exchange...


Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering. The need to comply with supervisory authorities...

Price manipulation detector

Together with scientists from the University of Economics and the Polytechnic, we analyzed...

Cryptocurrency exchange

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Data visualization app

Data visualization

Fully customizable large-scale geospatial, WebGL-powered data visualization.

Big data aggregation

Highly scalable, cloud-based system aggregating large volumes of raw data from multiple sources.

Advanced metrics

Based on aggregated data the system provides deep insight into operational activity.

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