Cryptocurrency exchange

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Codemachine created all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform that consists of a web client, real-time transaction processing infrastructure and customer care application.


A group of investors came to us with the idea of launching the cryptocurrency exchange under their brand. They didn't have own IT department, server infrastructure and knowledge about the functioning and regulations connected to support exchanges.


Codemachine designed and implemented a complete solution with modules for the Back Office and modules for the user available for desktops and mobile devices. Real-time currency exchange requires dedicated infrastructure and specialists who will monitor the application and the environment. Our team has designed and maintains infrastructure. Thanks to our specialist and scientists from leading Universities the fastest cryptocurrency exchange system in Europe was created.

Market maker

To ensure proper exchange and limit manipulation and size of fluctuations on the stock exchange, we had to implement Market Maker. Customer's stock exchange has an autonomous agent, which based on Machine Learning technology and ensures the correct liquidity on all financial instruments available.


Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering. The need to comply with supervisory authorities' obligations imposed on stock exchanges has forced to verify their investors. Codemachine has integrated software with leading KYC service providers. The imposition of mandatory anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing procedures on stock exchanges has necessitated the development and implementation of special mechanisms.

Price manipulation detector

Together with scientists from the University of Economics and the Polytechnic, we analyzed several hundred attempts to manipulate financial instruments. Based on this, models have been created thanks to which the agent monitoring prices of instruments send an immediate notification to the administrator and can take appropriate action.

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