Smart contract

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Codemachine created a Smart contract blockchain-based system that manages and automates processing of digital products orders, payments and shipments.


Main problem was that the previous order processing flow was slow and it consisted of many bottlenecks. Decentralized infrastructure that spanned across multiple third-party services was expensive, unintuitive and it lacked performance during transactions.


We delivered a tailored platform based on the blockchain using Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for automatization of transactions between company and customer.

Blockchain signature

The solution we have created is based on blockchain technology. Our client's customers can sign the order in their native language with one click, which helps in the international expansion of our client's services. The biggest advantage of this solution is cost reduction using a digital signature with no need for archiving document signatures.

Cryptocurrency payments

To automate and speed up incoming payments, we've implemented functionality that allows accepting remuneration in cryptocurrencies. This helped our client to reduce costs of maintaining several bank accounts in foreign currencies and reduce the high costs of currency conversions. Our solution made it possible to opt-out of payment operators used previously by the company.

Shipment automation

Smart contract after receiving the required payment automatically sends login data to the cloud server where you can find ordered products with the invoice. Thanks to faster and more comfortable user service, our client has seen a large increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

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